Zim Run T-shirt sale dates

Zum Run Art Fair

Every year a new T-shirt is created for the Zim Run by Will Clark

March 3-4, 2018, Zim Run T-shirts will be on sale at St. Joseph’s Church on Hope Street, Mountain View after all the masses.

March 17-18, 2018, T-shirts will be available for purchase at St. William Catholic Church, Los Altos after all the masses.

March 19-23, 2018, T-shirts will be for sale at St. Joseph’s School, 1120 Miramonte Ave., Mountain View

And of course, you can also buy your T-shirts on Race Day!

The shirt this year is “to dye for!” A tie-dye green with Mr. Wildebeest on the front. Youth to Adult sizes are available.

Cost: $12.00

2018 T-shirt

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

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