Zimbabwe Run Results

A Benefit for Makumbi Children’s Home in Zimbabwe through the Sustainable Living Foundation was held at St. Joseph School, 1120 Miramonte Ave. Mountain View.

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Run for Zimbabwe Orphans Course Records 2000—2019

KEY TO COURSE RECORDS: (A=Age) SJ= St. Joseph of Mountain View, SS= St. Simon, SA=St. Andrew , SF= St. Francis. NDB= Notre Dame Burlingame

Preschool 220 yd. Sister Batsirai Makoni African Eagles
Camille LaMaster, 00.49, A5, 2006
Micah Robinson, St. Andrews, 00.45, A5, 2013
Kindergarten 1/2 mile: Lynn Tuite Lion Cubs
Jennifer Morrison-Wells, St. Nicholas, 3:33, A6, 2016
Micah Tompkins, Cedar Academy, 3:13, A5, 2016
1st/2nd Grade mile: Coach Jack Saint Claire Antelopes
Angelica Chou, Covington, 6:49, A7, 2014
Maximus Chan, Meyerholtz, 6:33, A7, 2019
3rd/4th Grade mile: Cheetahs: J. Peter Clark
Bethany Chan, Meyerholtz, 6:05, A9, 2015
Ismail Adam, Granada, 6:06, A9, 2002
5th/6th Grade mile: Father Eric Freed Zebras
Erin Robinson, Terman, 5:58, A10, 2005
Drew Fenton, Sunnyvale Middle, 5:26, A11, 2015
7th/8th Grade mile: Brother John Brown of the Knights of Columbus Leopards
Emily Minjares, Hoover, 5:35, A13, 2016
Jose Piña, Luther Burbank, 5:11, A14, 2011
Giorgio Liantono, Cupertino Middle, 5:11, A12, 2009
High School mile: Kate Wakerly Giraffes
Michelle Gallagher, NDB, 5:36, A15, 2001
Kela Mavhera, Martin Luther King, 5:24, A15, 2018
Ben Sitler, 4:47, A17, SF., 2005
Post High School mile: Kate Wakerly Giraffes
Niclole Campbell, 5:25, 2009
Phil Pompei, 4:30, 2015
Gray Mavhera (Master Men), 4:44, 2013


The fastest girls’ team on record: A 5th/6th grade team.
2004 St. Andrew’s of Saratoga. 33:24. Team average: 6:41
Megan Lemmu, 6:25; Kat Constantine, 6:35; Caitlin Mogles, 6:36;
Bennett Jones, 6:45; Caroline Wu, 7:03; (Steph Dvorak 7:15).

The fastest boy’s team on record: A 7th/8th grade team.
2001, Avenal (near Fresno) 29:29. Team average: 5:41
Luis Gonzalez, 5:18; Francisco Nevarro, 5:37; Jose Campos, 5:51;
Jairo Leyva 6:05.

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