Ambassadors for Zim Run & Fair

Join the Zim Ambassadors

Meet Current and Past High School and Collegiate Ambassadors

To give or receive an interactive, educational presentation on Zimbabwe. This might include helping with the Zim Run mailings, writing blog content or preparing news articles.

To teach, to learn, to promote global understanding…to serve.

At any club, group, organization, school, church or even at the Zim Run & Fair

Pre-schoolers to Senior citizens

Zimbabwean fashion, art, music, geography, animals, language, food, games, politics, government, health, historical sites, sports, Makumbi Children’s Home, etc.

For more information Contact Ellen Clark.

Shoes for Zimbabwe Orphans

Bring your shoes to the Zim Run

Teresa with shoes collected for Zimbabwe

Shoes collected will be sent to Zimbabwe

Lightly worn shoes, or even new ones will be collected and sent to Zimbabwe.

Every year the shoe collection area fills to the brim with shoes of all sorts, but especially sport shoes.

The Zim supporters From our Feet Shoe Drive, Nick MacFalls manage the collection and shipments. If you would like more information they can be reached by Email.

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest was made by Jimmy Gibbs.  It will be a ring toss game at the Zim Fair. See if you can toss the ring onto the horns!

Come to the Zim Run & Fair and join the runners and those who cheer them on. Listen to music from Zimbabwe, sample some delicious Zim foods, create art and play some African games. Learn all about the Zim Fair.