Zim Ambassadors

Current and Past High School and Collegiate Ambassadors

  • Megha Argarwal, Zim Ambassador
    Megha Argarwal
    Zim Ambassador
  • Paola Campos, Zim Ambassador
    Paola Campos
    Zim Ambassador
  • Kayla Choates
    Kayla Choates
    Zim Ambassador
  • Colton Colonna, Zim Ambassador
    Colton Colonna
    Zim Ambassador
  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin
    Zim Ambassador
  • Michael Inglesias, Zim Ambassador
    Michael Inglesias
    Zim Run Ambassador
  • Lauren Limbach
    Lauren Limbach
    Zim Ambassador
  • José Martinez, Zim Ambassador
    José Martinez
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tanay Menezes, Ambassador
    Tanay Menezes
    Zim Ambassadors
  • Xander Olivero
    Xander Olivero
    Zim Ambassador
  • Valery Padilla
    Valery Padilla
    Zim Ambassador
  • Jade Perry
    Jade Perry
    Zim Ambassador
  • Izzy Phan
    Izzy Phan
    Zim Ambassador
  • Melissa Seaman
    Melissa Seaman
    Zim Ambassador
  • Ellie Stanton
    Ellie Stanton
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tiwomuda Tugwet
    Tiwomuda Tugwet
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tiffany Wu, Zim Ambassador
    Tiffany Wu
    Zim Ambassador

To give or receive an interactive, educational presentation on Zimbabwe. This might include helping with the Zim Run mailings, writing blog content or preparing news articles.

To teach, to learn, to promote global understanding…to serve.

At any club, group, organization, school, church or even at the Zim Run & Fair

Pre-schoolers to Senior citizens

Zimbabwean fashion, art, music, geography, animals, language, food, games, politics, government, health, historical sites, sports, Makumbi Children’s Home, etc.

Start today…program is on-going.

Credit or Service Hours?
Check with your school, club or organization. Sustainable Living Foundation will give you credit, a certificate upon successful completion of your presentation.

You may work individually or as teams.

For more information Contact Ellen Clark.