Businesses, Sponsors & Volunteers

Funds Raised

2017 Run: $31,000
2016 Run: $35,000
2015 Run: $32,000
2014 Run: $35,000
2013 Run: $34,000
2012 Run: $32,700

2011 Run: $35,000
2010 Run: $27,000
2009 Run: $33,000
2008 Run: $38,000
2007 Run: $30,000
2006 Run: $20,500

2005 Run: $17,000
2004 Run: $16,000
2003 Run: $14,000
2002 Run: $10,170
2001 Run: $  8,715
2000 Run: $  5,263

Download a Chart of Funds Raised (pdf)

2017 Run: A World of Thanks stretching from Zimbabwe to these businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals for their continued support:

The Wakerly Family Foundation—John Wakerly and Family  Without this incredible foundation the Run for Zimbabwe Orphans would not be a “go.” They under-write the expenses for the Zimbabwe Run every year.  (See items below.)

The Sustainable Living Foundation:  Bill and Ellen Clark, Teresa Clark and Dave Ruminski, Will and Kristin Clark, Dee Gibson  Gifts:  Zebra Pops from Dee Gibson. Items for the meet:  Trophies, ribbons, programs, certificates, numbers, perpetual trophy, Zimbabwe money, zebras for art fair, complementary entries.

Anonymous—Big raffle prizes, African Fish Eagle, coffee mugs
The City of Mountain View, Proclamation, Mayor Ken Rosenberg
The Copy Factory of Palo Alto
De Martini Fruit Stand of Los Altos, crates of fruit
From our Feet Shoe Drive,  Nick MacFalls  Email
Hobee’s California Restaurants, coffee cake
Jesuit Missions of London England
Jesuit Province in Harare, Zimbabwe
Hengehold Truck Rental, Discount on Truck Rental
The Knights of Columbus, St. Sebastian Council 4926 *Special Volunteer
Los Altos Hardware, Discount on supplies.
Linden Tree Children’s Books, Promotion & Poetry Slam
Makumbi Children’s Home, Fr. Admire Nhika  (Foundation)
Marriott Hotel, Lodging for Gray Mavhera & Angela Gora
On Your Mark of Los Altos Promotion
Peet’s Coffee, African Coffee Beans
Promessi Paintings and TCP Design Business
Sadza Marimba and Mbira Band Music
Girley Tegama, Author of “Fireside Poetry
Rudo Mademutsa, Sadza Buffet
Saint Joseph Parish, Rev. Engelberto Guzman Gammad and Anne Nowell of St. Joseph School
Whole Foods, $400 Gift Certificate www.wholefoodsmarket.comThe Wakerly Family Foundation, underwriters of this meet. Without them this meet could not happen!News Media: The Los Altos Town Crier, The Mountain View Voice, Valley Catholic

Special Volunteers from Organizations and Individuals

Apollo High School (East San Jose)
AVID Program (Advancement via Individual Determination) of Los Altos High School
Chip Sisters and Chip Brothers Running Club, West Valley Track Club, Organizer Bill Clark
Community School of Music and Arts
Clark, Will , T-shirt design
Day Worker Center, Organizer Maria Marroquin
Gibson, Dee  Lollipops
Girley Tagama, Website promotions
Ellen’s Coffee Clatch at Peet’s Laura, Valerie, Claudia, Debra & Jim
Stephanie MacKenzie, Karen Saxena & Dirk Hoekstra Registration & Technology & MUCH MORE!
National Honor Society of Los Altos High School
Promessi, Tatiana!  (No way could we do this race without our expert, lovely, wonderful webmaster!)
St. Francis High School x-country & track teams
St. Joseph School Parents, students and teachers

Traveling from afar

*** The Gray Mavhera Family—Gray, Mwadeyi, Gray Jr. Kela—from Moreno Valley (So. Cal)  Gray is the accomplished master Zim runner! Mike and Chanthy Clark from Oakland—our videographer; Tom and Eileen Clark from Wynnewood, PA, And lending moral support from Leonardtown Maryland—Teresa, Dave and Antonia -The Clark Ruminski Family   


Poetry Slams & African Folk Tales
A Long Season of Entertaining Children and Learning About Africa!


13 Poetry Slams African Folk Tales at schools, clubs, stores & the library!

More Promotions at other events!

Feb. 22 Stratford School, Washington Park Sunnyvale
Feb. 24 Children’s Corner, Hillview Ave., Los Altos
Feb. 27 St. Nicholas – St. William Junior High Youth Group, The Edge
March 1 Edith Landels Elementary School, Mountain View
March 2 AVID of Los Altos High School
March 3 Clifford Elementary School, Redwood City
March 3 Stratford School, Pomeroy Ave., Santa Clara
March 8 Mountain View Adult Education Pre-school, Mountain View
March 9 Stratford De Anza, Sunnyvale
March 9 Los Altos Public Library
March 11 Linden Tree Books, Los Altos
March 16 St. Joseph Catholic School, Mountain View
March 17 Apollo High School, East San Jose
March 22 Los Altos Public Library


Other Promotions

Ellen Clark, Zim Run and kidsSpecial Promotions at:  Juana Run, St. William Church, St. Joseph Church, St. Francis High School T-shirt Day, On Your Mark Store

Copy Factory, Palo AltoSpecial thanks to Todd and Kimberley of the Copy Factory Palo Alto. Go to the Copy Factory, 3929 El Camino Real, Palo Alto. They are truly the best for your photocopy needs!


It takes $350 a year to support one child at Makumbi. Orphan sponsors will be listed at the run and updated in our web site after the run.

2017-2018 Sponsors

Jon Anderson, Eugene, OR
Paul and Debbie Baker, Los Altos
Jim and Diane Bordoni, Los Altos
Clay and Denise Bullwinkel, Portola Valley
Nancy Clark, Oak Park, IL
Tom and Eileen Clark, Wynnewood, PA
Bill and Ellen Clark, Los Altos
Shannon Cody, Redwood City
Ellyn Corey and Tom Sartor, Los Altos
Paul and Karissa Davis, Boise, ID
Jim and Diane Ducey, Mountain View
Hal and Mary Jo Feeney, Los Altos
Dee Gibson, Los Altos
Trevor and Lynda Hastie, Stanford
Carla Holmes and Peter Chow, Los Altos
Paula and David Hunter, Mountain View
Wini and Lee Jebian, Mountain View
Karen Jenney, Los Altos
Kacey and Charlie Jones, Liverpool, England
Jude Kirik, Los Altos
Valerie Kruczynski, Los Altos
Jennifer Lebsack, Redwood City
Patricia Marriott, Los Altos
Dennis and Margaret McCarthy, Mountain View
John and Barbara Nicewonger, San Jose
Gay Lawrence and Dorothy Pang, Los Altos Hills
John and Valerie Pogi, Los Altos
Sean and Pearl Seley, Los Altos Hills
Bernie Smith, McKinney, TX
Scott and Elizabeth Sneeden, Mountain View
Ellen Wallace and Glenn Martinson, Sunnyvale
Wakerly Family Foundation, Los Altos
Barbara Wismer, San Francisco
Jerry and Julie Yaffee, San Carlos
Peter Zepter, Mountain View

Zim CommunityGray Mavhera, Zim Run

Our foundation supports AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe and books and gardens for Paraguay.

Read about our foundation or contact:

Sustainable Living Foundation
156 Marvin Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022
Phone: 650 941-9206

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