Animal Wall Hanging, Zim Fair

Raffle prizes announced

$1.00 per ticket / no need to be present to win when tickets are selected at the Zim Run, March 25th.

Raffle tickets will be on sale at St. William Church in Los Altos, March 17th and 18th after the masses and wherever Ellen goes!

First Raffle Prize

Second Raffle

  • A Month of Art Lessons from Drawn 2 Art in Los Altos
  • Art Supplies of Drawn 2 Art
  • Wildebeest Toy
  • Two $35 Gift Certificates to Buck’s Cafe in Woodside
Zimbabwe Sign

Ellen’s “In Africa”

Remember the ‘ol movie, “Out of Africa?”   Well, Ellen’s “In Africa!”

Zim Sign "Ellen's in Africa"

Zim Sign “Ellen’s in Africa”


This sign is going to make the rounds with Ellen, visiting schools and events and building excitement for children and adults to come to the Zim Run and Fair.

As students begin to see the colors of Zimbabwe and listen to the stories and learn about Africa, they will become fully ready to participate on Race Day.

We are excited to watch them learn, create art and get fit!

Even Start Preschool with African animals

Ellen’s African Rap with Puppets

Schedule of Events

Ellen will be presenting her African Rap and Folktales at Linden Tree Bookstore, at various school assemblies and local group gatherings.

March 4, 2018, 10:00 – 10:30 am: Transfiguration Episcopal Church, 3900 Alameda de Las Pulgas, San Mateo, CA  (650) 341-8206.

March 11, 2018, 1:00 pm: Linden Tree Children’s Books, 265 State St, Los Altos, CA 94022

Bring Ellen to your group

Even Start Preschool with African animals

Even Start Preschool with African animals

Spreading the word about the Zim Run & Fair is only the beginning of Ellen’s presentations. She makes learning about Africa a fun adventure!

Would you like Ellen to come to your group? Any age group will enjoy this lively presentation, from young to old.

Give Ellen a call 650.941.9206 or email her to learn more.

Zim Run T-shirts

Zim T-shirt sales

Zim Run T-shirt sale dates

Zum Run Art Fair

Every year a new T-shirt is created for the Zim Run by Will Clark

March 3-4, 2018, Zim Run T-shirts will be on sale at St. Joseph’s Church on Hope Street, Mountain View after all the masses.

March 17-18, 2018, T-shirts will be available for purchase at St. William Catholic Church, Los Altos after all the masses.

March 19-23, 2018, T-shirts will be for sale at St. Joseph’s School, 1120 Miramonte Ave., Mountain View

And of course, you can also buy your T-shirts on Race Day!

The shirt this year is “to dye for!” A tie-dye green with Mr. Wildebeest on the front. Youth to Adult sizes are available.

Cost: $12.00

2018 T-shirt

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Ambassadors for Zim Run & Fair

Join the Zim Ambassadors

Meet Current and Past High School and Collegiate Ambassadors

  • Megha Argarwal, Zim Ambassador
    Megha Argarwal
    Zim Ambassador
  • Paola Campos, Zim Ambassador
    Paola Campos
    Zim Ambassador
  • Kayla Choates
    Kayla Choates
    Zim Ambassador
  • Colton Colonna, Zim Ambassador
    Colton Colonna
    Zim Ambassador
  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin
    Zim Ambassador
  • Michael Inglesias, Zim Ambassador
    Michael Inglesias
    Zim Run Ambassador
  • Lauren Limbach
    Lauren Limbach
    Zim Ambassador
  • José Martinez, Zim Ambassador
    José Martinez
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tanay Menezes, Ambassador
    Tanay Menezes
    Zim Ambassadors
  • Xander Olivero
    Xander Olivero
    Zim Ambassador
  • Valery Padilla
    Valery Padilla
    Zim Ambassador
  • Jade Perry
    Jade Perry
    Zim Ambassador
  • Izzy Phan
    Izzy Phan
    Zim Ambassador
  • Melissa Seaman
    Melissa Seaman
    Zim Ambassador
  • Ellie Stanton
    Ellie Stanton
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tiwomuda Tugwet
    Tiwomuda Tugwet
    Zim Ambassador
  • Tiffany Wu, Zim Ambassador
    Tiffany Wu
    Zim Ambassador

To give or receive an interactive, educational presentation on Zimbabwe. This might include helping with the Zim Run mailings, writing blog content or preparing news articles.

To teach, to learn, to promote global understanding…to serve.

At any club, group, organization, school, church or even at the Zim Run & Fair

Pre-schoolers to Senior citizens

Zimbabwean fashion, art, music, geography, animals, language, food, games, politics, government, health, historical sites, sports, Makumbi Children’s Home, etc.

For more information Contact Ellen Clark.

Shoes for Zimbabwe Orphans

Bring your shoes to the Zim Run

Teresa with shoes collected for Zimbabwe

Shoes collected will be sent to Zimbabwe

Lightly worn shoes, or even new ones will be collected and sent to Zimbabwe.

Every year the shoe collection area fills to the brim with shoes of all sorts, but especially sport shoes.

The Zim supporters From our Feet Shoe Drive, Nick MacFalls manage the collection and shipments. If you would like more information they can be reached by Email.

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest Game

Wilbur the Wildebeest was made by Jimmy Gibbs.  It will be a ring toss game at the Zim Fair. See if you can toss the ring onto the horns!

Come to the Zim Run & Fair and join the runners and those who cheer them on. Listen to music from Zimbabwe, sample some delicious Zim foods, create art and play some African games. Learn all about the Zim Fair.