Zimbabwe Run 2005—Division Results

Results of 6th Annual Run for Zimbabwe Orphans and Cultural Exhibit—Sunday March 13, 2005. A Benefit for Makumbi Children’s Home in Zimbabwe through the Sustainable Living Foundation Meet held at St. Joseph School, 1120 Miramonte Ave. Mountain View.


Kindergarten 1/2 mile, Sister Batsyrai's, Lion Cubs
CW Louisa Kishton, SJMV, A6, 3:55, 2004   CW Jack Bordoni, St. Simon, 4:01, 2000
1st Kellie Duran, SJMV, A5, GK, 4:02   1st Anthony Vittoria, SJMV, A5, GK, 5:03
2nd Mira Borello, SJMV, A5, GK, 4:45   2nd Kaiden Pilkenton, SJMV, A5, GK, 5:33
3rd Natasha Harris, SJMV, A5, GK, 4:46   3rd William Lederer, Montecito, A4, P-K, 5:16

1st/2nd Grade Antelopes One Mile
CW Sarah Robinson, Nixon, A7, G2, 7:42, 2004   CW Charley Clark, St. Simon, A8, G2, 6:53, 2003
1st Juliette Martin, Yew Chung, A6, G1, 8:03   1st Jack Bullard, St. Andrew, A8, G2, 7:09
2nd Katie Moran, Springer, A6, G1, 8:13   2nd David Maia, Chadbourne (Fremont), A7, G2, 7:28
3rd Melissa Cuevas, SJMV, A7, G2, 8:13   3rd Alexander Mussone, St. Andrew, A7, G2, 7:29

3rd/4th Grade Cheetahs One Mile
CW Michaela Zavala, SJMV, A10, G4, 6:54, 2004   CW Ismail Adam, Granada, A9, G4, 6:06, 2002
1st Melissa Fulton, Huff, A9, G3, 7:08   1st Charley Clark, St. Simon,A10, G4, 6:09
2nd Laila Smith, SJMV, A10, G4, 7:36   2nd Austin Thornburg, St.Andrew, A10, G4, 6:41
3rd Kelsey Barton, SJMV, A9, G4, 7:45   3rd Ryan Maia, Chadbourne (Fremont), A9, G3, 6:46

5th/6th Grade Zebras One Mile
(Erin broke her own course record of 6:16 in 2004)
New CW Erin Robinson, Terman, A12, G6, 5:582005   CW Tariq Adam, Granada, A12, G6, 5:36, 2002
1st Erin Robinson, Terman, A12, G6, 5:58   1st Andrew Barton, SJMV, A11, G6, 5:54
2nd Rachel Skokowski, Castilleja, A12, G6, 6:27   2nd Reed Thornburg, St. Andrew, A12, G6, 5:57
3rd Alana Conant, St. Andrew, A12, G6, 6:47   3rd Nick Naruns, St. Simon, A11, G5, 6:06

7th/8th Knights of Columbus, Leopards One Mile
CW McKayla Plank, St. Simon, A13, G8, 5:48, 2001 1st Petra Barton, SJMV, A13, G8, 6:20   CW Matt Bordoni, St. Simon, A14, G8, 5:16, 2000
1st Petra Barton, SJMV, A13, G8, 6:20   1st Justin Koh, St. Andrew A13, G8, 5:34
2nd Caitlin Moyles, St. Andrew, A13, G7, 6:37   2nd Christian Fernandez, St. Andrew, A14 G8, 5:45
    3rd Matt Richards, St. Andrew, A13, G7, 6:07

Kate Wakerly's Wildebeest Mile, High School
(Ben broke his own C. R. of 4:49 in 2003)
CW Michelle Gallagher, A15, G10, N.D. B., 5:48, 2001   New CW Ben Sitler, A17, G11, St. Francis, 4:47, 2005
1st Amina Ahmad, St. Lawrence, A15, G10, 6:07   1st Ben Sitler, St. Francis, A17, G11, 4:47
2nd Tonia Moimoto, Mtn. View HS, A15, G9, 6:20   2nd Kyle Stewart, St. Francis, A15, G11, 5:18
3rd Andrea Savage, Mtn. View HS, A15, G9, 6:56   3rd Kevin Murphy, St. Francis A15, G10, 5:22

Kate Wakerly's Wildebeest Mile, Adult
CW Nicole von Germeten, A32, 6:05, 2004   CW Steve Parry, Foothill, 4:52, 2003
1st Katherine McCarthy, A22, 5:59   1st Sean Seley, A40, 4:54
2nd Ellen Wallace, A30+, 6:22   2nd Matthew Thompkins, A29, 5:00 (Assist. Coach of Gunn)
3rd Teresa Clark, A35, 6:27 (Secretary for S. L. F.)   3rd Brent Woodcock, A30+, 5:01 (Coach of S. L. A.)


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